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ALARIE : The Last Knight

Story Summary:


A young novice knight named Alarie is tasked by her people (The Knights) to set off on a journey across unfamiliar lands to swear fealty to a powerful king of the north. This is Alarie’s first task as a knight, and a task she’s been preparing for her entire life. But on her journey she soon realizes the world she was preparing for is nothing like what she was expecting. 

Alarie: Character description

alarie sky.jpg

The main character’s name is Alarie. Pronounced (al-a-ree) She is a knight of a very powerful organization named “The Knights”. In this world, the planet has an energy gifted from the gods of the old age that enhanced every living creature on the planet, altering the DNA’s of them as well. It extended the life spans of every living organism on the planet, which caused people to live for hundreds of years with some even living to 1000 or longer. Some beings have a greater connection with this energy allowing them to be more enhanced than others. These beings are called conductors. Then you have beings that are conduits of the energy and can channel it and enhance their bodies strength, speed, and durability to an extreme degree at will. Alarie is classified as a conduit. 

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